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Coolit is a CFD (Computerized Fluid Dynamic) software. It uses the conservation laws of physics to model airflow and heat transfer in a system.

It is the only technology that provides correctly coupled and non-linear modeling of convection, conduction, and radiation, no guess are needed.

Coolit is designed especially for thermal analysis of electronic packaging systems. It is an object oriented software; which enables the creation of a model consisting of all the standard electronic components, such as printed circuits (PCB), fans vent etc., by means of easy to use graphics interface.

Coolit – The World’s Easiest-to-Use CFD Software for Electronic Packaging

Coolit is: There for it:
Fast - To Learn, Reduce or eliminate prototype needs
Easy - For Modeling Shorten time to market
Accurate - Prediction Enable to check “what if cases”

Coolit family contain 3 different products :

  • Coolit - Powerful yet easy to use, for the thermal designer who must do it all - from individual components to complex systems. It's the CFD software of choice for serious thermal designers.
  • CoolitPCB - The power of CFD, but not the price. Daat Research breaks all barriers keeping PCB designers from tapping CFD, the most powerful technology for board thermal design
  • CoolitDC - Data center modeling software tackles the heat loads plaguing data centers. Software identifies the optimum thermal solution for managers dealing with an entire facility, or even individual racks and components