CAS - Computerized Analysis & Simulation Ltd


Optimization gives the designer the ability to design his products much better from very early stages. The design is starting from a conceptual optimization that gives the ability to get much closer and faster to the design goals.
Optimization is performed in 2 levels

  1. Structural optimization – optimizing a structural design from the concept level to the final stages.
  2. General Optimization – gives the ability to combines almost any kind of model that describes ether a physical phenomenon, financial, biological or other in the optimization process.

The structural optimization is done in few stages in the concept stage the analysis is performed to get the best performance concept for the design (this involve topology, free size and topography analysis).
In the second stage detailed analysis can be done to optimize certain features in the design to improve it in those local places (this involve shape and size optimization analysis).
The General optimization is the ability to optimize any model (physical, financial or other) with the multi restrictions. It gives the ability to do optimization, DOE, probability and TBD studies

CAS main analysis tool: HyperWorks