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Mechanic /Dynamic

Mechanical analysis simulates mechanical behavior of different products subjected to external and internal loads.
Numerical analysis tools are Finite Element or FE. These tools simulate a physical system (geometry and loading environment) using analytical mathematical approximation of the real world system - using simple, interrelated building blocks - elements. A real life system with infinite unknowns is approximated using a finite number of unknowns.
The mechanical analysis spreads over 2 main areas:

  1. Structural Analysis - This kind of analysis includes steady state phenomenon and very long-time characteristics.
    Typical applications for this analysis are: Static, Buckling creep fractures...
  2. Dynamic Analysis - Deals with time dependent loads and dynamic characteristics of the products.
    Typical application for this analysis are: Modal, Transient load, crush, Harmonic and spectral ...

Most of the analysis can include linear or non-linear material properties with different mathematical models. These different models can be described by a large verity of material (metals, rubber, fume, concrete, ground and more), and phenomenon (elasticity, elasto-plasticity, hyper elasticity, visco-elasticity and more). Geometrical non-linearities such as contacts, can describe a conditional touch and surface-to-surface phenomenon such as friction.

This kind of analysis can be combined with other physical phenomena to get a coupled phenomenon analysis.
CAS main analysis tool: Altair Hypreworks