CAS - Computerized Analysis & Simulation Ltd


As a general trend, we are witnessing an ongoing growing pressure on the manufacturers –optimize their products, speed up the design process, eliminate costs, shorten the development cycle and produce nearly perfect prototypes.
Seeking to improve the development and design processes, CAS offers its customers a wide array of services that support, designer efforts to become more efficient, deliver early and provide a better ROI.
By using state of the art numeric tools, such as CAS accompanied the customers by outsourcing consulting services from the concept stages up to the final tests.

By using Computer Aided Analysis and Simulation (CAAS), we allow the designers to optimize his product, address innovative designs, reduce the amount of prototypes and to significantly decrease the amount of testing and experimenting. Thus, we CAS assists to reduce design overall costs and greatly shorten the overall design cycle period.

CAAS greatly contributes to shortening the time to market and to creating high quality and more efficient and more optimized design. Further reducing development, manufacturing and design costs, CAS helps its customers to become significantly more competitive without sacrificing quality and good design work.
By making feasibility decisions, and gathering knowledge early on, companies save time, increase efficiency, reduce costs and decrease risks.
Some of CAS Design services include:

  • Design optimization
  • Design concepts and alternatives
  • Design improvement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Point of Failure Analysis - Early estimation of characteristic points of failure on the initial design stages

CAS utilizes the latest and the best in breed analysis and simulation software packages such as SpaceClaim, HyperWorks and Coolit .
Based on the rich, hands-on experience, CAS also offers its customers software based services and support of the following Analysis and CAD Software packages:

However, the main tool of the trade in CAS is its team expertise and experience in analysis and solving design issues, applying real life, creative solutions, throughout all the design and manufacturing stages.

It’s all about the right advice at the right time
CAS provides excellent consulting. We use our 20 years of hands on experience in design to troubleshoot your current design, optimize it from scratch, perform a complex initial design simulation and provide you with insight regarding heat, strength, flow and dynamic design issues. Use CAS expertise to make better prototypes in a shorter time.

CAS specialized in the following fields of design analysis and simulation:

As a core competency, CAS provides you with a comprehensive professional support throughout all the lifecycle of your design process. Since many of the key decisions are taken during the early design stages, we are enabling our customers to get as much information as possible in order to take the right decisions.
Through our experience with a variety of design teams and projects, we came to understand that choosing the correct approach and making educated considerations, improves greatly the quality of the design as well as its timeline.
CAS steps in as early as the conceptual design stage, providing input to the product specification and the desired industrial standards. During the initial and key design stages, CAS provides:

  • Analytical and conceptual support
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Modification analysis.

In order to shorten the time frame and the costs for prototyping and the overall design, CAS process embeds an initial design testing simulation.
Thus, a typical 3-stage design process (Concept, PDR, CDR) combined with numerical analysis tools includes:
Conceptual consulting process
Concept Design Consulting and Implementation – in depth analysis of the basic specifications.
Based on the analysis the Concept Scope is provided - Feasibility and Alternative Solutions Study (FASS).
FASS is the framework for providing the design team with at least a Few Feasible Product Concepts (FFPC) (For example – design solution for cooling may include 2 system cooling concepts - free and force convection).

PDR – incorporating the Concept phase results and recommendations

The next key component in the consulting process is the PDR - Preliminary Design Review Successful PDR should include and be based on the results achieved during the FASS and the FFPC inputs.
PDR scope: Overall product design and analysis
PDR expected outcome: Best and final design concept

CDR - Critical Design Review

By the CDR phase, the design team has the best tools and recommendations in order to make efficient decisions regarding the final design
CDR Scope: Detailed design and analysis
CDR expected outcome: Final details design