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Road Safety Barrier Optimization

Road Safety Barrier Optimization for Netivey Hmifratz was done for cost reduction

New road safety barrier is installed along road. The amount of installed road safety barriers is huge and the amount of metal need for that is proportional to that.
To reduce the price of the barrier an optimization was performed to reduce the thickness of the material.
The analysis was performed using HyperWorks explicate solve and includes a full car model and the barrio itself.

A full collision analysis was performed to calculate the ASI of the car and the barrier deformation during the collision and after it. The existing angle of the car from the collision was monitored too in the analysis.
The thickness of the barrier was reduced by about 15% and gave better protection parameters what lead to a major reduction of manufacturing costs.
CAS analysis contributed to reduce the amount of real collision tests that are very expensive and long to prepare.

CAS services can, also, reduce your development costs and time to market.