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Optimization fins Pitch (Distance) at an ODU Telecom Antenna

An ODU antenna has to be cooled, CAS prove to the customer what are the optimal distances between the fins

The system is an ODU Antenna. The main internal modules are: the digital and the RF cards and 2 other units. The total power is about 160W.
The customer needed a prove that the heat sink fins space are at the optimal distance to cool his system. Since other system he saw the fins were closer.

By this simulation, which done by Coolit (a software product of Daat Research Corp), it can be seen that that the optimal cooling is achieving at a 12 mm space, which is similar to the optimum presented at David Steinberg book.

Fins: thickness 3 mm ,height 40 mm Optimum at about 15 mm pitch – 12 mm space