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1U optic Electronic System

A 19” 1U telecom chassis has too cool a high power 80 W component as well as other system components.

The system is a Telecom 1U (44 mm) height, 19" wide "chassis. its includes 2 power supply, 1 main electronic component with more the 80 W, some other electronic components and some optic active connector at the front.

The system was design to operate at two air direction (front–back or back-front) the main problem was to implement a cooling solution to the main component as well as for the sensitive optic connectors.

The main Haet sink was design is such dimension that it offer the air to pass through the Heat Sink, and to cool the 80 W components and in the same time to enable sufficient air to all other components. the simualtion done with Coolit (a software product of Daat Research Corp)

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