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Optic system tight Optimization

An optic system that includes 2 cameras and a TEC cooled laser, thermally designed to work with the USB limits 2.5 W

A “camera” system includes 2 cameras and a laser, the system detects person location and moving in order to operate the television and the television games.   

The system is operated by USB which is limited to 2.5 W , the laser mast maintain at 35 oC , it is done via a TEC ( Thermo electric cooling), the cooling effect can be seen at the figure below. The constrain were the limited cooling area for the TEC as well as the limited power for operating the electronic devices (cameras, laser, chips  ...) .   

The targets were achieved via thermal simulation with Coolit (a software product of Daat Research Corp) and based on the results,  the first Microsoft “kinect” was designed.